Fórum Mundial de Educação Profissional e Tecnológica

Conheça Florianópolis

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The City


Capital city of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Florianópolis is also known as Magic Island. Located on the coast of Santa Catarina, the city is partly on an island (Island of Santa Catarina), partly on continental Brazil. In addition to being considered the tourism capital of MERCOSUR, the city has established itself as the capital of innovation. Among its attractions are dozens of beaches, historic monuments and its seafood-rich cuisine.




The Venue


The venue for the realization of the 2nd Forum is CentroSul, a convention center with world-class quality and infrastructure. Located right at the entrance of the island, close to the center of Florianopolis, CentroSul is the ideal place for holding the Forum. The venue provides plenty of parking space, as well as comfortable indoor facilities that are suitable to the proportions of the event. To further expand the possibilities of the physical structure, the samba catwalk Nego Quirido, right next to CentroSul, will be used. The venue will stage the opening and closing concerts, in addition to house part of the event's official schedule.


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